Ministering To A Living Free Life - ministering to a recovering addict

23 Dec

Ministry and recovery from addiction can be described as a process whereby an individual comes to terms with his/her sin and the consequences of their addiction. Those who are entering celebrate recovery st petersburg  program usually have some sort of past background of drug abuse, possibly before they were baptized. The main aim of a drug rehab or ministry program is to help the recovering come to terms with their past and to develop the ability to be self-sufficient in their new role as Christian. Through this you are not only developing your spiritual side, but you are also developing a set of skills that will allow you to function very well as a person in society.

During your ministry and st petesburg celebrate recovery  you will meet many people and become acquainted with many different cultures. When I served in a drug rehab, I participated in a national conference which focused on the issue of social work and addiction recovery. The conference resulted in over forty delegates from all over the United States and Canada attending. What I did there was to speak to a lot of people and speak about my role as a pastor.

I went to prison because of my addiction to drugs and while incarcerated I met other recovering addicts. One of these people was a woman who was working as a social worker in a drug treatment center. This lady had an opportunity to help other people through her work. She needed the money to pay for her bills but she was very thankful that she could use that to help other people in any way she could.

Through the help of some very inspirational people I was able to start a ministry in a nearby town. What I did there was to spend three days each week for two hours in our local church. I wanted to be a part of this church family, but it was very hard to fit in with them due to the fact that I was still addicted to drugs. Through the constant prayer and the example of the elderly ladies who were in the church I was able to adjust my priorities around becoming a part of the family.

The third thing that I did was to read the book of Proverbs in the bible along with Luke 10:3-4. These books along with other spiritually inspired books have helped to reshape and reestablish my priorities for what is good and true in my life. As a result of reading this book and listening to the other speakers at my ministry that I am connected with, I now look at life in a new light. In the past, when I talked about entering into ministry and staying committed to God, I would have been lying or speaking unwisely to people who I was trying to help.

Today, I have no regrets about my decision to enter into ministry and to stay committed to God and to living free of addiction. Instead of being the person who was trying to save everybody from themselves, I have turned that around and became the person who is trying to save himself by getting clean. It is possible to stay clean and to remain addicted to God. Through the daily ministry of the Holy Spirit, living free is easier than most addicts would believe. What we do with our lives will determine whether or not we truly live free or if we get trapped in a life-time of addiction. Check out this post for more details related to this article:

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